Sunday, April 15, 2018

Weekly Office Playlist

It has been awhile since I posted my weekly list of music I plan on listening to or at the very least try to listen to at work. I either was out of town and didn't have time to put together a list  or just not in the mood to figure out what to listen to for that work week I am back only weekly schedule :).

Anders Manga: Perfectly Stranger

Ash Code: Oblivion

Autumn: Chandelier

Avarice in Audio: No Punishment - No Paradise

The Birthday Massacre: Under Your Spell

Book of Love: The Sire Years 1985-1993

Cesium 137: Rise to Conquer

Choir Boy: Passive With Desire

Cindy Wilson: Change

Claire Voyant: Claire Voyant

Claire Voyant: Love is Blind

Claire Voyant: Time Again

Covenant: Modern Ruin

Death Valley Girls: Glow in the Dark

Dessa: Chime

Dum Dum Girls: Only in Dreams

Endless Blue: Undercover

Forever Grey: Alabaster Chamber

Helalyn Flowers: Kamikaze Angel

Invocation Array: A Color For Fiction

Invocation Array: Onyx Philomela

John Foxx: The Virgin Years 1980-1985

L7: Bricks Are Heavy

Marsheaux: A Broken Frame

Pale Saints: Mrs.Dolphin

Rhea's Obsession: Re:Initiation

Solar Fake: Sedated (Live and Acoustic)

Sunshine Blind: I Carry You

Sweat Boys: I Like to Party

Tarja: My Winter Storm

TourdeForce: Very Industrial People

Various Artists: A Gothic Tribute to Cocteau Twins

Venus in Aries: Beyond the Veil

Zeitgeist Zero: Ghosts of Victory

Book of Secrets: My Favorite Loreena McKennitt Songs

Dreampop Mix

My Favorite Synthpop Songs: 2007-2017

My Favorite Songs of 2018 (so far)

My Current Favorite Songs

Virtual Gods: My Favorite Psy'Aviah songs

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