Wednesday, April 18, 2018

My ten favorite ear worms

I thought for tonight's blog entry instead of sharing just one earworm, I thought I would share with my readers my ten favorite earworms. Some are old, some (fairly) new. I will say this about these songs they always find a way to end up in my head no matter what music I am currently obsessed with. LOL! And I am not sorry for liking some pop music :P.

10. Namnambulu: Return

09. Assemblage 23: Bravery

08. Kasey Chambers: Not Pretty Enough

07. Lily Allen: Fuck You

06. Allison Moorer: Mockingbird

05. Social Distortion: Ball and Chain

04. David Gray: The One I Love

03. Nahko: Hamakua

02. Lush: 500

01. Steps: Story of A Heart

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