Friday, April 13, 2018

My current favorite songs of the week

So glad the weekend has finally begun! The work week dragged on what seemed like forever to me.

I can hardly wait for next week because I get to go see L7 at First Avenue. The last time I saw them was at Lollapalooza in '94. This show has been a dream of mine and I finally going to see them. Of course I had to put one of my favorite songs from their second album Smell the Magic (which I bought last weekend) "Fast and Frightening". I love Bricks are Heavy, it was the first L7 album I ever heard but Smell the Magic is my favorite. I think the production is much looser and rawer than Bricks are Heavy IMO.

Still on my Marsheaux kick this week. I was rather surprised to see my blog post on my ten favorite Marsheaux songs get quite a bit of hits this week. In fact, I got like over 600 views and all the credit goes to the band for sharing it on their social media platforms. Anyways, because of the crappy weather today, I have been listening to to "Summer" a lot today. This song makes me happy. Such a catchy synthpop song. Still my favorite Marsheaux song of all time.

This week I had to check out Xentrifuge and FIRES music because they are coming to town in June with Adoration Destroyed. I haven't listened to Adoration Destroyed's music yet but I will try this weekend and the coming week for next week's edition of my favorite songs blog entry. As for Xentrifuge and FIRES, both are solid but I really dug FIRES' electro/industrial sound over Xentrifuge's harsh electro sound. Still I do recommend checking out Xentrifuge's music.

It has been a week since the Covenant show. I have been listening to quite a bit of Northern Light album. That is my personal favorite Covenant album. I so regret not getting their live performance of "Call the Ships to Port" (my favorite song off the album) recorded. The song sounded so good live.

It has been two weeks since Chandelier was released I have yet to give my ears a break from the album. I can hear just how much band has grown and matured since 2001's Return to the Breath. The music is more upbeat. Time has really tempered the band and it shows in their lyrics. The songs on Chandelier lacks the abrasiveness and often confrontational tone heard on The Hating Tree and Return to the Breath. I know I have put "At Summer's End" on a previous playlist but I can't help giving it more attention. There are bits and pieces of the lyrics that I can so relate to considering what I have been going through in the past several months. Of course I also had to throw in one of my favorite songs "A Waiting Time" from The Hating Tree, my favorite album of all time ;).

Really loving the new Chvrches song. Of all the songs the band has released off their upcoming album, "Miracle" is my favorite. I think this song has the strongest pop hooks.

I am so glad that the new Kirlian Camera album Hologram Moon (not the deluxe version) can be heard in its entirety on Spotify. I have included one of my favorite songs from the album "Polar-Ihs". I wish more people would give Kirlian Camera a listen.

I have been listening a lot to "A Hundred Wishes", a new song by Loreena Mckennitt from her new album Lost Souls which comes out next month. So glad to see her singing original new material again. It is a gorgeous song. Super excited about her new album.

Songs to check out:
"Some Kind of Progress" by Fires
"Polar-Ihs" by Kirlian Camera with Eskil Simonsson
"Miracle" by Chvrches
"A Hundred Wishes" by Loreena McKennitt

Where you can buy some of the music featured here:

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