Monday, April 9, 2018

My 10 favorite Marsheaux songs

Before I left for Chicago over a week ago, I posted a blog on my 10 favorite Autumn songs. I thought I would do a repeat performance with my 10 favorite Marsheaux songs. I have been a fan of the Greek duo for just about a decade. I really can't remember how I got into them, let alone when but they always been a fan for quite some time. I am glad to see a couple of my friends have recently discovered the band and hopefully more people in the Twin Cities scene will start listening to them. If people like OMD, I can't see how they wouldn't like Marsheaux. The only difference is gender. Without further ado, here are my 10 favorte Marsheaux songs.

01. Summer

02. Popcorn

03. Secret Place

04. Dream of a Disco

05. Eyes Without a Face

06. Destroy Me

07. Promise

08. Full Attack

09. Regret

10. She's Leaving w/OMD

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