Friday, April 27, 2018

My current favorite songs

I'm going to let the music speak for itself. It has been a long day at work for me and I came home cranky and not really wanting to hang out at home so I ended up getting my hair cut, having dinner at Jasmine Deli, and going to Minneapolis Institute of Art for the Art in Bloom event going on this weekend only. Needless to say I am worn out from my post work activities but it was worth going out for a bit to unwind.

I will say that this week's playlist has some interesting new songs. I recommend checking out the tracks I have highlighted in the Songs to Check Out section.

Songs to check out
"Safe.Dead.Harm" by Frozen Plasma
"Join the Light" by Unity One
"A Vow Worth Keeping" by Autumn (US band)
"Shiny One" by Belly
"Beyond the Veil" by Venus in Aries
"Out of My Head" by Tashaki Miyaki

Go support these artists:

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