Thursday, December 18, 2014

5 Things I have learned in 2014

With the year coming to an end, I thought I would share 5 things I have learned in 2014.

1) Never bring flower pots to a concert venue. Back in October at the Fine Line for the Dum Dum Girls concert, some guy brought in some flowers and the pot they were in. Unfortunately that got the guy escorted to the door and asked to leave. As humorous as I found the situation, I did kind of felt bad for the guy because he was asked to leave the building. Not sure if he was able to come back. I think management should have confiscated the pot and let the guy stay.

2) When you choose a highly controversial singer to front your band when your original singer leaves, do expect blowback. Don't act all surprised and defensive about it. When you do, you get no respect from me or from fans. You made your bed, now go lie in it.

3) Complaining constantly online does not earn respect from fans. Complaining about the internet being the reason why people aren't buying your music and then blaming fans really doesn't earn anyone respect. Being an asshole doesn't get anyone far especially with me. Newsflash: other people have financial priorities to attend to. I can't always what I want. I also get bogged down with a ton of music that I suddenly want to own (in other words I get easily distracted). While I do stream music, I also make sure I buy music legitimately whether online, at shows, or at my favorite record stores, and so should music fans. I can not emphasize enough for music fans to support their favorite artists and buy the music. Don't treat music as a commodity.

4) Don't pander to fans who don't like change when you want to take your music in a different direction. Daniel Graves of Aesthetic Perfection took a shitload of heat when he decided to take a different direction with his music for his next album 'Til Death. He was accused of selling out. At the time I found the whole debacle amusing but annoying simultaneously. My problem was with those who thinks artists like Daniel should be making music for them. Artists like Daniel create music for themselves, not for the public.

5) Try broadening  your  musical horizons and listen to music outside your comfort zone and that I did this year. I actually started getting into some hip hop music which I thought would never happen. I still don't like a lot of hip hop music but I do love the sounds of Grrrl PrtyLizzo, and Angel Haze

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