Friday, December 19, 2014

Top 20 Albums of 2014

I finally put my list of my favorite albums released in 2014. I knew 10 would be impossible so I went with 20.

20. Army On the Dance Floor: Many Faces of War
19. Tiny Deaths: Tiny Deaths
18. FKA Twigs: LP1
17. Fort Wilson Riot: Trilliun
16. Keluar: Keluar
15. Xandria: Sacrificium
14. Empyrean Asunder: Serpent
13. Mondtraume: Empty
12. Cosmic Armchair: We Are Watching EP
11. Kitten: Kitten
10. Dum Dum Girls: Too True
09. Junksista: High Voltage Confessions
08. The Luna Sequence: Fearful Shepherds Hunt Their Sheep
07. Guardians of the Galaxy: An Awesome Mix Vol.1
06. Emmon: Aon
05. Arch Enemy: War Eternal
04. Youth Code: A Place to Stand
03. Psy'Aviah: The Xenogamous Endeavour
02. Avarice in Audio: Shine and Burn
01. Hanzel und Gretyl: Black Forest Metal

Honorable Mentions:
Mirabilis: Here and the Hereafter
Stoneburner: Songs in the Key of Arrakis
Unwoman: Circling
Nitro/noise: No Cure For Apocalypse
A Strange Play: An Alfa Matrix Tribute Album to The Cure
Pretty Addicted: It All Stems From Childhood

This was a difficult list to compile. I had to do a a few do-overs with this list because I kept forgetting some of my favorite releases. I chose Hanzel Und Gretyl's Black Forest Metal album as my number one pick because of all the albums on my list, this is the one album I have the most fun listening to especially at work. The music is loud, aggressive and easy to bang one's head to. My other favorite heavy metal album of the year is Arch Enemy's War Eternal. I have yet to get sick of listening to that album. As you can see, I have mentioned a lot of artists from Alfa Matrix records. 2014 was an excellent year for the label in my book. They released some seriously excellent music. I am particularly fond of the debut album by Avarice in Audio. The beats are just sic and the male/female vocals are excellent in my book. I included a couple of local releases by the likes of Fort Wilson Riot and Tiny Deaths, both whom put out some seriously wonderful music this year.

If you are looking for some interesting, new music to check out, I definitely can recommend the artists on my list here. 

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