Monday, December 8, 2014

Best of 2014: Path of Blood by The Lonely Soul Experience

The Lonely Soul Experience: Path of Blood

I have to give credit for Chris Pohl not resting on his laurels. He sure likes to create music whether it as Blutengel, Terminal Choice, Miss Constrution, or Tumor. Earlier this year, Chris created a new project called The Lonely Soul Experience. This new project also includes Blutengel producer Mario Ruhlicke. The Lonely Soul Experience released their first album over the summer called Path of Blood. It is pretty obvious that Chris and Mario created this album out of their love for classical film scores but with an added a touch of modern electronic music. The music is mostly instrumentals with the exception of "Lara's Song" (featuring Larissa Puhlman). As a fan of film scores, Path of Blood satisfies every sense in my body. The music can be both subtle and bombastic. I feel like I am taken on a long adventure when I listen to this album. I certainly hope this is not a one album project. I would love to hear what else Chris and Mario can create under The Lonely Soul Experience. It really shows what Chris Pohl is capable of as an artist and that he isn't an artist who could be pigeonholed.

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