Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Best of 2014: Heroes by Sabaton

Sabaton: Heroes

I believe it was last month Nightwish announced that they had added the Swedish metal band Sabaton to their upcoming North American tour with Delain next year. I recently got lucky at my library and found their latest album Heroes. I decided to do my research and check out their music to get an idea what to expect when I see the band in April. Metal is a hit or miss with me but in the case of Sabaton, they totally scored big points with me. As a new fan, I am not able to compare their new album with their previous albums. Not that I don't mind the distorted vocals that I often hear in a lot of heavy metal music but I find Joakim Broden's vocals refreshing. His vocals shares that same bombastic sound that I often hear with female singers in gothic metal. I love Joakim's singing style. The music is incredibly melodic which is what drew me to their music. I normally am a sucker for a good ballad but I don't think ballads are Sabaton's strength and that is clearly the case with "The Ballad of Bull". I don't necessarily hate the song but I think the strength of the band is when they are playing fast and heavy. I personally prefer it when the band rocks out. After a few days of listening to the album, I have yet to find a song that I actually dislike. Heroes is  solid album from start to finish and one of my favorite releases from 2014.

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