Friday, December 12, 2014

Best of 2014: LP1 by FKA Twigs

FKA Twigs: LP1

Yesterday I had the day off from work (to recover from the Skinny Puppy show) while on my day off, I made a trip to the Electric Fetus. I decided to pick up the debut album LP1 by FKA Twigs. I had heard a few songs of hers on youtube and really liked what I heard so I definitely knew I had to buy her album. I have no regrets picking up the album. It is really terrific. The very second I first saw one of FKA Twig's music videos online a couple of weeks ago, I knew she was not your standard pop star. When I listen to LP1, the album just reinforces that idea. Her voice very interesting to say the very least but I say that in a positive manner. I can hear a little Kate Bush here and there. With me, she also reminds of the artist Grimes both vocally and musically. Normally I am not a fan of modern day r and b music but LP1 is anything but typical with its fragmented electronic beats and FKA Twigs' unconventional voice. What struck me was how intimate the music sounded when I listen to it. I feel like I am right in the same room as the artist herself. LP1 is a beautiful pop album and easily one of the best pop albums released in 2014. I definitely look forward to hearing more music from this talented pop star.

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