Thursday, December 4, 2014

Best of 2014: High Voltage Confessions by Junksista

You have to admire Boog and Diana S. of Junksista for not resting on their laurels. After a year since their first full length album Bad Case of Fabulous was released via Alfa Matrix, the duo quickly churned out their follow up album High Voltage Confessions which was released last month. While I enjoy their first album immensely, High Voltage Confessions blows Bad Case of Fabulous out of the water. The first album was good but it was flawed. I personally think the material is a lot stronger. I like the beats and melodies more so on the new album. On Bad Case of Fabulous, I have to skip a few tracks but on High Voltage Confessions there are not any tracks that makes me what to hit the >> button. I have to admit I had to listen to the first single "Live A Little" featuring Jane Badler (if you grew up in the '80s like me, you would know Jane from the old tv series V as the villainess Diana) a few times to let the song grow on me. My personal favorite track on the album is "The Truth" which has a distinct '80s vibe. I also love the French influenced "I Said" (featuring Gaelle Cinnamon).  Lyrically? The songs are as funny as hell which is expected from this duo especially "Sex On a Stick", "P.I.T.T", and Panties" (featuring Gogo Blackwater). Gotta love Boog and Diana's raunchy sense of humor.

I have been listening to High Voltage Confessions all week long. Junksista really put out a strong second album. There is more variations in musical styles on this album than on the previous album. More memorable hooks and raunchy lyrics what more can this music fanatic ask for really? 2014 has been a very good year for Alfa Matrix. They have put out quite a few of my favorite releases this year and High Voltage Confessions is one of them.

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