Monday, December 15, 2014

My Favorite Songs of 2014

Well it has been awhile since I last made a Spotify playlist for my blog and since the year is coming to an end, now would be a perfect time to make one. Tonight I just cobbled together a playlist of my favorite songs from this year called My Best of 2014 Playlist.

Here is the track list [song/artist]:

01. Frostbite - Avarice in Audio

02. Black Forest Metal - Hanzel und Gretyl

03. Rimbaud Eyes - Dum Dum Girls

04. Before I Die - Psy'Aviah featuring Diana S. of Junksista

05. Come With Me - Xandria

06. Expanses - The Luna Sequence

07. The Truth - Junksista

08. Consuming Guilt - Youth Code

09. To Hell and Back  - Sabaton

10. Far From Pain - Mondtraume

11. I'll Be Your Girl - Kitten

12. If We Stop Breeding - Nitro/Noise

13. Marching of the Days [synthpop mix] - Cosmic Armchair

14. War Eternal - Arch Enemy

I am so glad to see that Hanzel und Gretyl regained their mojo after their disappointing Born to Be Heiled in 2012. "Black Forest Metal"is by far my favorite metal song of 2015 with "War Eternal" by Arch Enemy, "Come With Me" by Xandria, and "To Hell and Back" by Sabaton right behind them.

2014 has been a good year for Alfa Matrix records I think. They put out some killer music. I particularly love the debut albums by Avarice in Audio and Mondtraume as well as the new albums by Junksista and Psy'Aviah. Of course I had to include some songs by those bands.

The new Youth Code EP A Place To Stand is killer. "Consuming Guilt" is one of my favorite tracks off the EP.

One of the catchiest songs of the year is deifnitely "I'll Be Your Girl" by Kitten. The self-titled debut album by Kitten is one of my most played albums of 2014.

I definitely recommend checking out my playlist to listen to my favorite songs of 2014.

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