Wednesday, January 24, 2018

Album of the week

Ever since I got the new Psy'Aviah album Lightflare in the mail last week, I have been listening to it at work and at home every day. I pre-ordered the 2 CD version. The second disc contains remixes as well as a couple of tracks not on the first disc. The album doesn't come out until February 9th but it isn't going to stop me from making it my Album of the Week. I have included some tracks off youtube for people to listen to.

Once again Yves Schelpe nailed it with his latest release under the Psy'Aviah pseudonym. I appreciate the fact that Yves takes some risks with his music and explores other sounds like electro rock to trip hop. I enjoy the diverse sounds that I heard on the album. I l really love his collaborations with Mari Kattman and ex-Hooverphonic/Lunascape Kyoko Baertsoen whom he has worked with on past Psy'Aviah albums (starting with The Xenogamous Endeavour album). I have yet to hear a track by Yves with those two women that I didn't like (and hopefully that won't happen).  My favorite tracks features both Mari and Kyoko on vocals. I also really enjoyed listening to Fallon Nieves especially on the dance track "Reboot Reset Relay". The trip hop-influenced "The Great Disconnect" is wonderfully hypnotic. I really liked how the lyrics flowed off Marieke Lightband's (now Psy'Aviah's live singer) lips. Overall the first disc was really good from start to finish.

The second disc which features a few ambient/new age/trip hop tracks "Earth, Wind, Fire, Air and Sky",  "The Rhythm Will Guide  You", "Truth is My Identity", and "Searching Anagata" were a pleasant surprise. These tracks were a total departure from what I am used to hearing from Psy'Aviah but I liked that Yves took a risk and went into a more mellow direction with those songs. The remixes on the disc were excellent. Truth be told, when I first listened to this album, I listened to this disc before the first disc by accident (I was not paying attention) and fell in love with those remixes and the three new tracks. It took me a few listens to get used to the original versions. Oh well, either way I love the album. I am glad I went and pre-ordered the album. This will keep me occupied until the new Autumn album Chandelier is unleashed next month. lol

You can pre-order the album at the following links:

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