Sunday, January 14, 2018

Weekly office playlist

The weekend came and went way too quickly. For this week's collection of music I want and will try to listen to at work, I used Post-Punk's Best of 2017 list [] as a reference and chose some of the albums featured on the list. I have included albums by Sally Dige, The Horrors, Second Still, Pawns,  and Egrets on Ergot. I am really trying to broaden my musical horizons. I think the website itself is a good place to start.

This afternoon, I discovered the band Black Nail Cabaret on Spotify.  I really liked what I had heard so I have included their album Emerald City on the list. If you like coldwave, I definitely recommend checking out this band.

I thought this week I would try to listen to some albums that came out last year I kinda neglected like Broken Legacies by Hexheart's Midnight on a Moonless Night,, The Fellow Traveller by Frozen Autumn, All American Made by Margo Price, and Hell in Eden by Diary of Dreams. So many great albums came out, those albums got pushed aside, and to be perfectly honest some of the music on one or more of these albums really didn't stick out with me and I completely forgot about them.

A-Ha: MTV Unplugged - Summer Solstice

Android Lust: Evolution

The Azoic: Forward

Beborn Beton: Nightfall

Black Nail Cabaret: Emerald City

Book of Love: Lullaby

Charlotte Someone: Magnetar

Chastity Brown: Silohuette of Sirens

A Covenant of Thorns: If The Heavens Should Fall

Diary of Dreams: Hell in Eden

Egrets on Ergot: Surfeit of Gemutlich

The Frozen Autumn: The Fellow Traveller

Grendel: The Age of the Disposable Body

Hexheart: Midnight on a Moonless Night

The Horrors: V

iamamiwhoami: Blue

Margo Price: All American Made Broken Legacies

Nightwish: Imaginaerum (the score)

Pawns: The Gallows

Psy'Aviah: Introspection-Extrospection

Psy'Aviah: Seven Sorrows, Seven Stars

Sally Dige: Holding On

Second Still: Second Still

T.O.Y.: Space Radio

Tarja: My Winter Storm

Ultranoir: Ultranoir

Ultranoire: Intronaut

Various Artists: The Shape of Water

White Sea: Tropical Odds

Wolfsheim: Spectators

X-Marks the Pedwalk: The House of Rain

Zynic: Neon Oblivion

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