Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Album Of The Week: Borders by Namnambulu

For the past 72 hours I have been binging on the new album by Namnambulu which dropped last Friday. I have been waiting for new music since the group reunited a few years ago. It is pretty obvious that I was excited when the group's long-awaited album was finally unleashed to the public. The album is so ridiculously good. It has been so long I have heard an album that is as melodic and infectious as Borders. The melodies in all of the songs are addictive and infectious. It does not take very long to get any given song stuck in your head. The songwriting and production is top notch. It is pretty obvious that the band took their time with the album to put out an album that is loaded with memorable pop hooks, banging club beats, and beautiful, thoughtful, and often heartbreaking lyrics. The wait for new Namnambulu music was so worth the long wait..

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