Friday, March 17, 2017

My current favorite bands

I apologize for the lack of chit chat but it has been a busy day for me. I made a trip to MIA to see At Home With Monsters after work and then did laundry. I am a bit worn out. I will let the bands' music speak for themselves. It is all great stuff.

Graveyard Club

All this week I have been listening to my playlist of all of Graveyard Club's music. I discovered them through Minneapolis Institute of Arts because they were playing for the museum's Third Thursday event (which was last night). I couldn't make it to the event due to work but their name stuck in my mind. I finally got around to listen to their music this week and been listening to it (whenever I wasn't listening to the new NamNamBulu album). I would best describe their music as low-fi pop with some goth influences (mainly in the lyrics). Hopefully I can go check out their live shows.


All week I have been listening to the new NamNamBulu album Borders and loving it. I won't repeat everything I have said about it in the past few days on previous blog entries. It is great album.


Ever since Sunday's concert, I have been listening to my playlist of all their EPs. Go see them if they come to your town. They are so amazing live.

Glow - St.Louis

Echo Signal

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