Thursday, March 30, 2017

My Current Favorite Songs

Well I'm sure some of my readers are tired of seeing some songs on this playlist but I can't help myself. There are just some songs that just my ears gravitate to and can't seem to let go nor can get sick and tired of listening to. This is the case with "Return" by NamNamBulu, "Forsaken Love" by Xandria", "Blue Angel" by Graveyard Club", and just about any given track by Autumn but especially "Desert Winds of Jezebel" (The Hating Tree), "How It Came To Be This Way" (The Hating Tree), and "The End of the Line" (Return to the Breath). I make no apologies for my love for these songs and the bands I just mentioned. lol

That said, I have been on a '90s kick for sure this week. I got some Concrete Blonde, Belly, Lush, Gin Blossoms, Elastica, singer/songwriter Darden Smith, and Social Distortion. Darden Smith is an old fave of mine from high school or maybe it was my freshman in college (I can't remember). Always loved his song "Little Victories" from the '90s. Such a beautiful ballad. As much as I love Johnny Cash's "Ring of Fire", Social D's version is so kick ass. It is rare that I like a cover more than the original version but this is the case here. As generic and bland Gin Blossoms' music was, I have to admit they did put out some super catchy songs. "Cajun Song" was and still is my favorite Gin Blossoms song.

Want to know who I have been asleep on for some time now? The Bellwether Syndicate. It had been a year or more since I listened to their music.  I recently started listening to their EP The Night Watch. If you haven't heard it, you can listen to it here (The Bellwether Syndicate Night Watch Ep ). It is so fucking good. According to a post the band left back in January  on their FB, they are back from a hiatus and currently at work on new music.

I know I sound like a broken record but if you haven't heard of Ghost Twin, please check them out. Their music is so wonderful. I love their song "Mystic Sabbath". Same can be said about Evrst and their song "The Hills".

I was listening to my singer/songwriters playlist earlier today at work, I was quickly reminded how much I love Roseanne Cash's "The Wheel" and Allison Moorer's "Mockingbird". Both songs are well written as well as beautifully sung. I especially love "Mockingbird". It is a gorgeous ballad.

Threw in a lot of EBM/Futurepop into the mix. I recently listened to the latest SITD album. From my initial listen, I enjoyed what I had heard. I need to listen to it a few more times before I can really give my $0.02 about the album. I know some people are not crazy about it but I liked what I had heard.

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