Thursday, March 9, 2017

My Current Favorite Songs

I don't know if it is the wacky weather here in Minnesota but this week (went from 65 degrees with a tornado warning to a windy and 30 degree temperatures for most of the week) I have been going through various musical mood swings. It clearly shows on this week's playlist. Here is some of my thoughts on this week's playlist.

The first six songs on my playlist, I got some of my favorite goth tracks. I don't think I need to go into the first track considering how much I go on and on about the band on my blog ;).  Oh hell with it! I'll just say The Hating Tree has become one of my all time favorite albums. I am constantly listening to. "How It Came To Be This Way" is one of my favorite tracks by Autumn in general, and certainly my top favorite track from The Hating Tree. I just love the powerful delivery of Julie Plante's vocals on this track. Julie has easily become one of my favorite singers of all time. She really can do no wrong, not mention the band itself. I am super excited that the band is working with William Faith on their third album. Maybe it is time I re-do my list of 100 greatest female artists I wrote a few years ago. It does need to be updated with the current times.

Mephisto Waltz was one of those bands I discovered while living in Milwaukee. I came across their album The Eternal Deep at Atomic Records. I haven't had the album in years but last year I found their album on Spotify. One of my favorite tracks is the haunting cover of The Rolling Stones "Paint It Black". Just a fantastic cover.

"Judgement" is this excellent remix by Faith and The Muse for L'Ame Immortelle on their album Zwielicht album. This was my first introduction to both L'Ame Immortelle and Faith and The Muse. It might have been 2002 (when the album came out) when I heard the album. "Judgement" is one of my favorite tracks on the album.

Diva Destruction is one of my favorite goth bands of all time. I was all about that band in the late '90s/early '00s. Debra Fogarty had such a distinctive voice. I miss her. There is something about her voice  on "The Broken Ones" that has me keep hitting the repeat button. Definitely my favorite song by DD. I need to bust out Passion's Price one of these days.

Of course I had to throw in "Jasmine and Rose". I think a friend of mine (I unfortunately lost touch with through out the years) named Rachel introduced me to them on a mixed cd she made for me. It was either that or when I bought Notes From the Underground.

Speaking of the '90s, I absolutely love the songs "500 (Shake Baby Shake)" and "Gepetto" by Lush and Belly. I have loved them the first time I heard them in the '90s and I still love them to this very day. I was thrilled when Belly played "Gepetto" at The Vic back in September. That show was fantastic. I wish Lush played "500" the following night at the same venue but I am just happy to have seen them live before they went back into retirement. I really can't complain when my friends didn't get to see them during their short reunion tour.

If you haven't heard of Hydrah before, you should look up her brand of EDM. Her music is pretty dope. Her song "Fall Into Fate" is my current favorite song. You can find her stuff on Spotify. I absolutely love her music. Hydrah used to live in the Twin Cities but now resides out in California. Fun fact: Katie Kramarczuk is from the same family who owns the Polish deli Kramaczuks in NE Minneapolis. Best damn potato/cheese pierogies I have ever consumed.

Today I came across a few tracks from the days when the synthpop label A Different Drum Records was still around. I miss that label. They put out some great music by the likes of Daybehavior and Somegirl.

Trace (aka Kilted Farmer) emailed me today and reminded me of the synthpop group GLOW. I had to look up their music on Spotify and found them. I completely forgot about this group. They remind me a bit of Hungry Lucy. They are so freaking good. Their albums are Stay, Winter, Rain Theory, The Years, and Gabriel.

Lately I have been listening to some remixes of Conjure One songs from their most recent album Holoscenic. My current fave is "Oceanic" (Amine Maxwell Extended remix).

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