Monday, March 27, 2017

Playlist of the Week

Since Goldfrapp dropped three new songs in the past few weeks from their upcoming album Silver Eye which comes out this Friday, I put together a Goldfrapp playlist last week. I did not include "Anymore" from the new album. I honestly do not care for the song. It is the weakest of the three tracks in my honest opinion. Judging by the songs I have heard, I am guessing Silver Eye is going to be a bit more upbeat and club-friendly than The Tales of Us (which I absolutely adore) which I am fine with. I like that the duo changes sound with each album.

I have been a fan of Goldfrapp when I first heard of the group either in 1999 or 2000 on this now defunct music show on CNN called World Beat. It was around the time of the release of Felt Mountain. The show didn't need to convince me to go out and buy the album. When the group released a follow up album with Black Cherry, I was a bit slighted that the music took another turn, a bit more on the electroclash side. At the time I was not happy with their sound but over the years I grew accustomed to the changes in their sound with each album. Head First remains my least favorite album but everything else (despite their inconsistencies and imperfections) I still enjoy listening to immensely. I can hardly wait for Friday when Silver Eye is unleashed to the public. In the meantime, I can listen to my playlist of my favorite songs by the group.

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