Monday, March 20, 2017

Playlists of the Week

Since I didn't do playlist of the week (because of the Kite concert), I thought I would make up for it by posting two playlists.

The first playlist is a collection of my favorite goth/darkwave tracks that I have listened to over the years. I admit I am rather partial to the band Autumn - U.S Band hence the three tracks featured on the playlist. I am also very fond of The Frozen Autumn, and Siouxsie and The Banshees which I included a couple of tracks by each band. I couldn't just stick to one particular song from the aforementioned bands. I would include more tracks from my personal favorite goth band Diva Destruction but I could only find one track on Spotify. I love listening to this mix on a cloudy, rainy day. It is great mood music.

The second playlist is all of the albums/EPs by synthpop  Glow - St. Louis. Trace introduced me to them several years ago with their album Winter. I loved what I had heard. Unfortunately over the last few years I kind of forgot about the band until Trace once again brought them to my attention to me in an email. Thank heavens I was able to find their music on Spotify. If you like female vocals as much as I do, I definitely recommend checking out Glow's music. 

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