Sunday, March 26, 2017

Albums and Playlists I am currently listening to

I was out for most of the afternoon yesterday and then went to a movie last night so I didn't get around to listing the current crop of music I have been listening to as of this past week. Also since there isn't much new music I am going to listen to at work this week, might as well just skip that entry for this week.

I have been enjoying my recent purchases from my most recent trip to The Electric Fetus last weekend. The new Emika album Melanfonie is excellent just not ideal listening music at work. It is definitely a classical album, not an electronic album like Emika's previous album Drei.

No matter how old it is, I still love Murder Ballads. I have missed owning a physical copy of the album by Nick Cave and The Bad Seeds. I think I first bought this album when I moved back to the Twin Cities from Milwaukee. I don't ever remember owning it during my time in Milwaukee. I wish I could remember I heard about it but that is the album that got me in Nick Cave and The Bad Seeds.

I don't know which I listen to more...the new Tiny Deaths album Elegies or NamNamBulu album Borders. Both albums have been receiving lots of play in my stereo. I have moments when I feel like I am listening to Goldfrapp whenever I put on Elegies. I just get that Seventh Tree and Supernature vibe throughout Elegies. The infectious melodies on Borders is really keeps making me listen to the album over and over again.

A couple of days ago one of my FB friends mentioned the Canadian band Ghost Twin. I listened to the two tracks on their bandcamp page for their upcoming album Plastic Heart ( I was hooked immediately. I started listening to their album Here We Are In The Night. My favorite song by the band is "Mystic Sabbath". The song has a really great pop hook.

After listening to the new Hydrah song "Ominous" repeatedly for the past several days, I had to re-listen to her last EP Hold from last year. The one thing I am not crazy about on "Ominous" is the lack of vocals.  At the same time it is good to see that Hydrah is venturing into new territory and not sticking to one particular sound with her music.

I admit I love the new Beauty and The Beast film. I saw it again last night. I love the mix of old and new music. Yes some of the lyrics on the original songs have been altered a bit. I personally love the new even the Celine Dion track "How Does a Moment Last Forever". Including the demo tracks was absolute pointless to be honest. If I was to have a guilty pleasure, the soundtrack to the live action film of Beauty and The Beast would be my guilty pleasure of the moment. Had I felt guilty for liking the soundtrack.

Today I just discovered the band Evrst. They are a French electropop band. One of their songs came on after I finished listening to some Ghost Twin on Spotify. I really dug what I had heard. Hopefully they are in the process of making some new music.

Ever since I have heard a few new tracks from Goldfrapp in the past few weeks, I put together a playlist of my favorite Goldfrapp songs.

Also been on a The Foreign Resort kick lately. I haven't listened to their music in the past year or more. Been sleeping way too much on their brand of post punk.



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