Thursday, March 16, 2017

My Current Favorite Songs

I have to admit I am really liking this week's playlist. I got a few oldies but goodies on the playlist as well as a few newer songs. It is a good mix of synthpop, EDM, pop, post punk, darkwave, and shoegaze. I guess my rare good mood translated into a really great playlist.

Once again Blutengel put out a really lackluster album last month so for me I find myself listening to my favorite Blutengel albums Demon Kiss, Labyrinth, and Tranenherz. "Uber den Horizont" from Tranenherz is one of those songs I can never get sick of listening to.

I have been listening to the new NamNamBulu album Borders incessantly this week, especially the song "Return". It is one of the best futurepop songs I have heard in ages. I remember first hearing "Beloved" by VNV Nation and being deeply moved by the song. I felt the same way when I first heard "Return". And then there is Henrik's vocals. I love listening to him sing. I can't compare him to any other musician because he has such a unique voice.

I really didn't care much for the new Goldfrapp song "Anymore" but I absolutely love the other new track "Ocean". It is a bit darker and edgier for me. Regardless of my thoughts on "Anymore", I am certainly anticipating the new Goldfrapp album Silver Eye. Judging by the "Anymore" and "Ocean", Silver Eye sounds like it is going to be more of a dance album.

Earlier this week, I discovered the local Minneapolis band Graveyard Club. While I wish they wouldn't run away from the goth/pop label and develop some sort of visual image for the band (this hipster look isn't doing much for me), their music is excellent. The band knows how to crank up some really catchy melodies. The harmonies is equally good too. I put a couple of songs on this week's playlist "Sleepwalk" and "Blue Angel".

You know who I haven't listened to in awhile that I fell in love with their music all over again? The Foreign Resort. I completely forgot how good their song "Take A Walk" is. It has been a few yeas since I last saw the band live. I hope to see them live again next year, if the band can squeeze in Minnesota on their tour schedule.

I can also say the same thing about Metric and their song "Breathing Underwater". It is my favorite song from their album Synthetica.

Of course I had to include two of my favorite Kite songs on this week's playlist "True Colours" and "Dance Again".

I have thrown in some obscure songs by The Eden House, Ashram, and Chinese Theatre I think are worth checking out.

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