Monday, March 13, 2017

Kite with Abbey Death and Echo Signal

Last night was another fun filled concert put on by Kilted Farmer Koncerts at Amsterdam Bar and Hall in downtown Minneapolis. It was super fun, getting there in the snowy weather not so much. The headliner was the Swedish synthpop duo Kite. They were touring with Abbey Death featuring Valerie Gentile and Abbey Nex (who I am familiar for his time in Genitorturers and Combichrist). Their music is a unique mix of gothic rock, electronic, and industrial music. Local post punk band Echo Signal opened up for the two bands.

Being without a car, getting to the venue was not an issue for me. I just trudged up to the Nicollet Mall light rail station and got on the green line. Some people showed up late because of the snow storm. I hung out with some friends and made some new friends. I even got to chat with the Nicklas and Christian from Kite which was pretty damn cool.

Truthfully? Last night was my first time seeing Echo Signal live. I was hooked on their music right from the get go. I bought their three song EP after the concert to show my support. It is very good and I am looking forward to hearing more music from them. Their EP is certainly worth checking out.

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I definitely need to see these guys perform again. Echo Signal in some odd way reminded me of The Rope except Jesse has as a much deeper voice than Adam's. I would love to see them do a show with Finesse, Autumn, and The Rope. That would be a kick ass show.

Abbey Next was a lot of fun to watch and listen to.
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Their recorded music really doesn't do the band justice. I personally think Abbey Death sounds better live, also the band put on a highly energetic and entertaining set. I have some video footage from their set that I will post at the end of the blog. You can check out their EP on bandcamp.

My personal highlight of the evening was seeing Kite perform live. I have heard many people rave about the band as a live act but I wasn't sure if they lived up to the hype. Needless to say the band's live performance last night did live up to the hype. Kite put on an absolutely fantastic set. Nicklas has such a distinctive, unique voice. I can't really compare his style of singing to anyone else. His unique singing translated really well from recordings to live performances.

You can listen to the band's music on my Kite Playlist.

I was thrilled that the band played my personal favorite tracks "True Colours" and "Dance Again" which for me has the best hooks. The lighting for Kite's set was excellent. I will let my video clips from some of Kite's set speak for itself. The entire audience was dancing through out Kite's set, including yours truly. I had a wonderful time last night. I hope to hear and see more from Kite, Abbey Death, and Echo Signal for years to come. It was a joy to watch all three bands perform live.

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