Thursday, March 23, 2017

My current favorite songs

It's Thursday and time for me to share with my readers my current favorite songs. I couldn't resist and leave a few songs on my playlist this week. There are just some songs I just can't stop listening to and this the case with NamNamBulu's "Return", Graveyard Club's "Blue Angel", and Xandria's "Forsaken Love" just to name a few. Those songs are just so ridiculously catchy.

I am totally digging the sounds of Graveyard Club. I wish I could have gone to their show at the Triple Rock earlier this week but it was during a work week. One day I will see them live.

Today I discovered the Canadian band Ghost Twin. They have a new album coming out in May. I listened to two songs from that album on their bandcamp page. I really dug what I heard. I also took a listen to their previous release. The song that captured my attention was "Mystic Sabbath". That song is so freaking good. Definitely will have to buy their new album when it comes out. Check them out.

I am totally digging the new Delta Rae song "A Long And Happy Life". This is not the sort of music I usually help promote but I really like this band. Their sound is a mix of rock, pop, country, and folk.

One of my other favorite songs off the new NamNamBulu album is "One Breath". The entire album is absolutely wonderful. Storming the Base has physical copies of the album for sale. That is where I got mine.

In honor of spring, I put on Black Violin's excellent interpretation of "Spring" by Vivaldi. The duo gives the song a hip hop edge.

Got some a bit of a '90s vibe on this playlist with tracks by Concrete Blonde, Belly, and The Breeders. I really have been loving The Breeders' "Drivin' on 9". What a super catchy song. Back in college as a freshman, I had a roommate who had a copy of Last Splash, I absolutely loved "Drivin' on 9" the most.

I have been listening a lot to the new Hydrah track "Ominous" quite a bit. It is a lot different from her other songs. Very different. There are no vocals and the music has a classical influence to the song. It took a few listens for the song to grow on me.

No matter how old the song is, "All Through the Night" remains to be my favorite Cyndi Lauper song ever. This song really showcases Cyndi Lauper's vocal range the best. I am so glad I went to her show at the now former Mill City Nights a few years ago. She obviously takes very good care of her vocal chords because when she performed it that night sounded as good as when I first heard it on the radio as a child.

Having seen the film Beauty and The Beast and loving every second of it, I just had to add "Evermore" by Dan Stevens.

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