Tuesday, May 1, 2018

Album of the Week

I had a really difficult time picking which album I was going to feature on tonight's blog. It was a toss up between Nordika's Venus which recently came out this spring and Unity One's Awakening which dropped last Friday. Both albums are fantastic.  I have been listening to both synthpop albums quite a bit since the start of the work week yesterday. Ultimately I ended up picking Awakening. After hoping and waiting for a full length album from this talented band, I definitely can say the wait was worth it. The music is so upbeat, earnest, and positive which is something I need for days when I am having one of my mood swings. Great melodies and club friendly beats what else could a synthpop fan like myself ask for? Not much. Awakening is a fantastic album worthy of hearing for any synthpop fan.

Unity One is a Russian synthpop band signed to SkyQode, my favorite record label for synthpop music which has a roster of some fantastic bands like Unity One, Purple Fog Side, Mental Discipline, and Cold in May. The band has a couple of EPs out. Awakening is their first full length album which I have been eagerly waiting to hear for some time now. The wait was so worth it. If you like the sounds of De/Vision, Alpha Point, and Mental Discipline, Unity One is a band worth listening to.

Songs to check out:
"Join the Light"
"Reality - Reprise"

I definitely recommend checking out the other bands at SkyQode's bandcamp page [https://skyqode.bandcamp.com/music]. They have a solid roster of talented musical acts. 

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