Friday, May 4, 2018

My current favorite songs of the week

TGIF! It has been a long week but a good week. Now I can enjoy a three day weekend. I decided to take Monday for some self-care. That and the workflow has kinda slowed down which often happens at the beginning of each month.

This week's playlist is a good mix of older and newer tracks. Of course no playlist of mine is not without featuring my favorite band Autumn (US band). I have yet to get sick and tired of Chandelier. "Shadow Girl 2" is my current favorite song from the album that is on this week's playlist.

I have also thrown in some tracks by The Fauns, Covenant, Sweat Boys, Milla Jovanich, Faithless, Mondtraume, and Blutengel. I wish I knew what was up with The Fauns. Their social media pages are pretty much dead. Love their two albums. Oh well. Two albums is better than nothing.

I am super excited that the new Blume album Ashes finally came out today. I was not disappointed. The entire album is great. I have already listened to the album five times today. I had a difficult time deciding which song to put on my playlist but in the end I opted for the first track on the album "Iron Age". I really like the new direction the band decided to go in with a more upbeat tempo, very heavy on the oontz oontz sounds. I initially thought it was a risky move especially after first hearing "Blackening" last year but after listening to the entire album, I think it was time to go in this faster pace direction on the third album. I still heard elements of Blume's first two albums through out the album so the band didn't totally ditched their previous sound. They just chose to take their music to the next level. I hope the music on Ashes will get played in clubs because all of the songs are quite danceable.

Another album that was released today is Belly's long awaited third album Dove. I am not going to sugar coat it, the new album is neither Star nor King, well maybe a bit like King but with a hint of country music. I miss the dreampop/shoegaze sounds of Star to be honest. I definitely plan on listening to the album more this weekend before I make a final judgement on it. It is an okay album. I do like the song "Human Child" quite a bit which is on this week's playlist. I am though looking forward to their concert in October at the Fine Line. This will be my second time seeing them live. I saw Belly in Chicago in 2016 when I went down there for Lush and ended up seeing Belly too.

Super excited that next Friday is when Loreena McKennitt's new album Lost Souls is released. I pre-ordered that album. Lost Souls, her first album of original material written since An Ancient Muse. "Breaking of the Sword" is included on Lost Souls. Judging by the few tracks I have heard on Spotify, I am excited about the new album.

If you haven't heard the new Strvngers album Amoir/Noir. I definitely recommend giving it a listen. The album keeps getting better and better every time I listen to it.

With Satanik Germanik coming out next month, I decided to give Hanzel und Gretyl's Born to be Heiled another shot. For a long time that was my least favorite HuG album. After listening to the album for the first time in many years, I found myself enjoying it except for "I'm Moving to Deutschland" and "Ironstar Outlaws", two songs I just cringe at listening to. Asides from those two awful songs, the rest of the album is a lot of fun to listen to especially at work. It is loud and heavy AF. Personal favorite track off the album is "Unterstutzung 87".

Songs to check out:
"Iron Age" by Blume
"Today" by Unity One
"Unterstutzung 87" by Hanzel und Gretyl
"Human Child" by Belly
"Relocate" by Nordika, Felix Marc
"Shadow Girl2" by Autumn

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