Thursday, May 3, 2018

Random Thoughts

Tonight's blog entry is pretty much aimed at people of color, especially my fellow Asian-Americans (and Asians outside the US). For those who are not POC, you can ignore this post.  I make no apologies for what I have to say in the following paragraphs. All I can say is I will not put up with nonsense from my fellow POC who might try to come at me on the internet based off one photo.

I try to keep this blog music related and keep my personal life separate but last night something pissed me off online all because of my photo of me with Raymond Watts [of PIG] last summer. I had posted a comment on a FB page that discusses issues people of color especially Asians.  Not long after I posted my comment, some insensitive individual who was also Asian decided to leave me this "charming" comment, he said that I was a "white worshipping Asian" based on my previous profile photo of me with Raymond Watts. Being Asian and a woman, I have been called various disgusting things (mostly because I am a woman and a segment of the male population are racist, sexist walking pieces of hot garbage)  and I have come to expect it but to be called a "white worshipping Asian" based on one goddamn photo offends me on so many levels. 

It is pretty safe enough to say that I responded to the asshat's comment in not so kind words. I dropped an F bomb on him. I also explained to him that Raymond Watts was a member of PIG (and formerly of KMFDM) and that I was merely getting my photo taken with one of my favorite musicians. It has been a long time since I have been that pissed off at someone on the internet. Usually I am able to let the garbage trolls spew roll off my back but not this time. 

While I am a person of color (i.e Asian), I am also a music junkie. I pretty much prefer listening to the post-punk sounds of goth, industrial and synthpop. I won't deny those sub-genres are predominantly white but there are quite a few musicians who are POC, this great article from Post-Punk last year illustrates that our scene is diverse []. I will let that article speak for the diversity of the post-punk scene. 

It really irks me that another POC would attack me and say that I am white worshipping Asian really cuts deep, and all based on one goddamn photograph. I am not sorry for having my photograph taken with one of my favorite musicians and any other musicians later down that goddamn road. I am a music fan. I should not have to be writing this blog entry explaining myself to a bunch of ignorant asshats who do not know me personally. Some of ya'll are as bad as white supremacists. Yes many, if not most of the bands I am massive fan of and continually push on my blog and via social media are predominantly caucasian. I will not tolerate this fucking nonsense of accusations of worshipping white people. This accusation that some asshat made is far worse than any racist slur that has been directed at me over the years. As far as I am concerned now, music comes first, identity politics somewhere between garbage and toilet paper. I am a fucking music fan so put that in your pipe and smoke it. Fuck you and fuck the horse you rode on.

Sorry not sorry. 


An unapologetic music fan who just happens to be Asian and is fucking mad as hell.

P.S...not sorry for not liking Beyonce and Rhianna like every other POC. Pop music is not my cup of tea. Not every POC likes Beyonce and Rhianna nor should they follow that ridiculous cult-like followings for both artists.

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