Sunday, May 20, 2018

Weekly office playlist

I thought I would do today's blog before I head out for the season opener for the Minnesota Lynx this afternoon (game starts at 4pm, 3:30pm is when the champions are awarded their rings from last year's finals).

I decided to pull out some old albums that I hadn't listened to in awhile (like a few years ;)) such as FKA Twig's first album and Ayria's Plastic Makes Perfect. Gotta give some of my much neglected music collection some attention.

Got all four of my Random Mix Playlists. Currently listening to the fourth volume which I finished last night. It sounds good. Those playlists is like listening to the radio minus the commercials and annoying djs.

Access Zero: Living in Transition

Apoptygma Berzerk: The Singles Collection

Autumn: The Hating Tree

Autumn: Chandelier

Ayria: Plastic Makes Perfect

Belly: Star

Blume: Ashes

Blutengel: Tranenherz

Celtic Woman: Lullaby

Cesium 137: Rise to Conquer

Chrom: Peak and Decay

Daybehaviour: Have You Ever Touched a Dream?

Delerium: Voice [An Acoustic Collection]

Dessa: Chime

FIRES: Red Goes Gre

FKA Twig: LP1

The Foreign Resort: Scattered and Buried

Goldfrapp: The Singles

Helalyn Flowers: Sonic Foundation

Hungry Lucy: Glo

Inertia: Dream Machine

Javelynn: Chimaera at Heart

Kirlian Camera: Nightglory

Loreena McKennitt: Lost Souls

Lush: Spooky

Marsheaux: E-Bay Queen is Dead

Mercury's Antennae: The Moon Viewing Garden

Mondtraume: Empty

Moonlight Cove: Hearts of the World

Muna: About U

Pulp: Different Class


Re/Vision: The SkyQode Tribute to De/Vision

Ride: Tarantula

Seabound: Double-Crosser

September Mourning: Volume II

SPC ECO: Dark Matter

Stoneburner: The Agony Box

Stoneburner: On the Folding Space

Tegan and Sara: Love You to Death

Various Artists: Deadpool 2

Venus in Aries: Beyond the Veil

Zanias: To the Core

Random Mix

Random Mix II

Random Mix III

Random Mix IV

Fukken Uber Death Party: My Favorite HuG songs

Shitlist: the Best of L7

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