Friday, May 18, 2018

My current favorite songs of the week

TGIF! I had a very good day. I had taken the day off from work. The week overall was pretty good despite having to be trained in on some new duties because a coworker is leaving the company I work for, can't really complain because it will keep me busy all day long. Also I made a deposit for my next tattoo in July with an artist who specializes in blackwork tattoos. Yeah this has been a good week.

Music-wise, I got a good mix of new and old music. Really digging new music by Loreena McKennitt, Blume, and Mercury's Antennae in particular. Their albums have been getting constant play whether on Spotify or on my portable stereo. Had to throw in a couple of cheesy pop songs to lighten up the mood. I admit I have a soft spot for ABBA and the UK pop group Steps.

Songs to check out:
"My Last Confession" by Autumn
"The Killing Time (Dead Leaves Mix 2018)
"The Ballad of the Fox Hunter" by Loreena McKennitt
"Fetisha" by Strvngers
"Relocate" by Nordika
"Scarlet" by Blume

Where to buy some of the music heard on this week's playlist:

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