Friday, May 11, 2018

My current favorite songs of the week

Happy Friday! It is weird, I had two days off this week and it still felt like a long week. Go figure but all is good. Nothing went wrong for the three days I was at work. I have a lot of new songs on the playlist this week certainly worth checking out.

The long awaited Loreena McKennitt album Lost Souls was finally released today. I have already listened to it three times today. It is certainly no Book of Secrets, The Visit, or The Mask and the Mirror but I thought the album was quite good.  My current favorite track on the album is on this week's playlist "La belle dame sans merci". I am annoyed with Amazon prime because the CD was supposed to arrive today but then it was pushed back to Wednesday. I am so making a trip to the Electric Fetus for a copy tomorrow. I am also not going to renew Amazon Prime with such garbage service they provide as of lately. Sick of the delays.

If you haven't heard of Mercury's Antennae, you should now especially if you are a fan of Autumn (US band). They just signed to Sett Records (also home to Autumn and The Bellwether Syndicate). Mercury's Antennae just released their new EP The Moon Viewing Garden today. I really liked what I had heard. I certainly need to listen to their other albums from their days on Projekt Records. If you like Lycia and Love Spirals Downward, Mercury's Antennae is right up your alley. Really digging the song "A Darkened Forest" right now.

Before I forget, Autumn has a show coming up in June, it is a Dark Energy show at a private location titled Heavy Attic (details will be released later). Here is the link to the event, they are playing with NYC band A Place Both Wonderful and Strange[]. I didn't get to see A Place Both Wonderful and Strange earlier this year for personal reasons so this time I WILL see them. Of course what is my weekly playlist without an Autumn song thrown into the mix ;)? Really love the edgier, aggressive sounds of "The Maiden's Child" at the moment.

Still listening to the new Blume album Ashes. It is so damn good. Their song "Desolation Road" is my current favorite song off the album. It sounds like it could have been on Rise From Grey or Autumn Ruins. Also still love the new albums by Unity One and Nordika. 2018 is looking to be a great year for synthpop music right now.

After attending the Snowbound tour with Alice Glass, Zola Jesus and Pictureplane, I had to include some tracks from the three artists. That was a fantastic live show especially Alice Glass's set. "Forgiveness" is my current favorite Alice Glass song right now. I have also thrown a remix track of "Without Love" as a bonus track.

The rest of the playlist is a mix of odds and ends, here and there from CHVRN to Skeletal Family.

Songs to check out:
"Forgiveness" by Alice Glass
"A Darkened Forest" by Mercury's Antennae
"Desolation Road" by Blume
"The Maiden's Child" by Autumn
"Lost Islands" by Kirlian Camera

Where you can buy some of the music heard here:

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