Sunday, May 13, 2018

Weekly office playlist

The weekend has once again come and gone. Oh well, got another short work week coming up, I took Friday off. This weekend was good with  new Mercury's Antennae and Loreena McKennitt music added to my digital/CD collection.

Last week, I discovered that my favorite hip hop artist Psalm One will be performing at 7th Street Entry. I bought my ticket on Friday. I have always wanted to see her live. Death of a Frequent Flyer is is my favorite hip hop album. It is refreshingly an honest, personal album, and tells a different narrative far from mainstream hip hop artists. Super excited for that show later this summer.

Over the weekend I decided to start redoing my Random Mix Playlists. I have already created three RM playlists. I just felt like they needed to be freshened up a bit. I kept some of the songs on the original playlists but I also moved some around, along with adding new tracks. I also decided to keep the playlists to 45 tracks.

Alice Glass: Remixes

Alkemic Generator: Mechanical Reflections

Alkemic Generator: Distorted Ways of Love

A Place Both Wonderful and Strange: What I Speak I Create

Ash Code: Posthuman

Autumn: The Hating Tree

Autumn: Chandelier

Blume: Ashes

Blutengel: Live im Wasserschloss Klaffenbach

Catherine Wheel: Ferment

Chatelaine: Take A Line For A Walk


Cocteau Twins: Head Over Heels

Cosmic Armchair: Contact

Diary of Dreams: Hell in Eden

Faith and the Muse: Shoumei

Faithless: Reverence

Foretaste: Space Echoes

Inkubus Sukkkubus: The Anthology

Iris: Radiant

Loreena McKennitt: Lost Souls

Margo Price: All American Made

Mercury's Antennae: The Moon Viewing Garden

Mercury's Antennae: A Waking Ghost Inside

Nahko and Medicine For the People: Hoka

Pictureplane: Dark Plane

Psalm One: Death of A Frequent Flyer

PuffyAmiyumi: Honeycreeper

Rammstein: Mutter

Social Distortion: Somewhere Between Heaven and Hell

Strvngers: Amor/Noir

White Lies: Big TV

Zanias: To the Core

Random Mix

Random Mix II

Random Mix III

Fukken Uber Death Party: My Favorite Hanzel Und Gretyl Songs

Dreampop Mix

Ear Candy Mix

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