Thursday, May 10, 2018

Album of the week

Because of the Alice Glass/Zola Jesus show at the Turf Club this past Tuesday, I decided to push back my Album of the Week blog entry to Thursday. I think it is pretty obvious to say that I decided to go with Ashes by Blume for my Album of the Week. I have been a fan since Rise From Grey first came out in 2010. A friend of mine mentioned the band to me and recommended me to check out the band. The rest was history.

I won't lie. When I first heard "Blackening" last year, I was initially taken aback by this new direction that band decided to go in. The beats were faster and more aggressive. I barely recognized the band except for Enrico's trademark vocals. I was reminded of Assemblage 23, Pride and Fall, and Ruined Conflict. This was so different I honestly did not know what to think but I was more than willing to give the song a chance. Over time, the song grew on me. When I heard Ashes in its entirety, that is when the music really clicked with me. There are not many bands that goes in different direction with their sound and make a succesfull transition but Blume does Ashes. What remains the same is Enrico's smooth, gentle, warm vocals. Despite the change in pace of the band's music, his vocals is a constant and for me it is a source of comfort (which has been for the past year).

While the band did go in a different direction with their sound which is darker and edgier very reminiscent of fellow futurepop band Pride and Fall, I definitely could hear their earlier sound in some of their music especially on tracks such as "Desolation Road" and "Ajax". I love how the band just comes out swinging with the high energy track "Iron Age". That song just These songs could have easily been on their first album Rise From Grey. The band's uncanny ability to create memorable pop melodies remains a constant presence in every single song. The band has  yet to compose a song that I did not like. Every song on Ashes is a gem.

Songs to check out:
"Iron Age"
"Fade Away"
"Desolation Road"

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