Monday, May 7, 2018

Playlist of the week

Since I have been on a major Hanzel und Gretyl kick for the past several days, I decided to create a playlist from their albums beginning with Uber Alles (apparently Spotify removed their first two albums) and ending with Black Metal Forest. This playlist will be perfect to listen to at work. The music is loud, heavy, and aggressive. I am not going to be ashamed of what I am about to say but I definitely prefer the band's foray into metal over their industrial/techno sound from their earlier days. Their metal sound is so much more fun to listen to either at work or at home while cleaning my condo. I don't know why but I have yet to listen to the band's remix album Fur Immer. Judging by some of the remixes I have included on this playlist, the remixes sounds amazing. I am super excited about the new album Satanik Germanik. I know it is supposed to come out next month but there isno official release date. I have already pre-ordered my copy. I really would love to see the band live again. If they end up just going to Chicago, I may make a trek there to see them.

Songs to Check Out:
"Fukken Uber Death Party"
"Unterstutzung 87"
"SS Deathstar Supergalactik"
"Black Forest Metal"
"Disko Fire Scheiss Messiah"

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