Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Album of the Week

It has been a great weekend for me. Listened to some new music. It was really hard for me to pick which album I was going to post for my Album of the Week. Today I was trying to figure out if it was going to be the soundtrack to Wonder Woman which I absolutely love both the film and soundtrack, Tashaki Miyaki's The Dream (this fantastic noir pop artist), or the new Hydrah EP Siren. I ended up choosing Siren. The new Hydrah EP is so damn good. I have been listening to it quite a bit for the past couple of days.

I will confess the first track "Ominous" was one of those tracks that I didn't initially like the first time I had listened to it when it was released as a single. It was an instrumental and I wasn't used to not hearing Katie's vocals. It did eventually grow on me when I started listening to the song more often. I like how ominous the song starts out with the stringed instruments and then slowly progresses into a mid-tempo club track. While on her previous EP Hold, the music was a bit more on the pop side. On Siren, there is more of a classical influence in the music with the use of stringed instruments and piano which I loved hearing in the songs.

I am really impressed with every single and release that Hydrah puts out. I can hear her music evolving. I am generally not a fan of modern electronica (outside of my realm of the goth/industrial world) but her music is really good. There is nothing pretentious or fake about Hydrah's music. Do not be surprised if you see this excellent release in my top ten of my annual best of list at the end of the year.

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