Sunday, June 11, 2017

Weekly Office Playlist

Once again, the weekend has pretty much come and gone. I had really nice weekend. Spent a lot of time outside at the Walker Sculpture Garden and the Northern Spark event on Saturday, then today I got some new ink.  Now it is back to the grind. Just got volunteered to have one of auditors sit with me at work this coming week. Better me than my coworker who has a shitty attitude and works way too slowly. Anyways, here is some of the music I plan on listening to at work this week:

3Teeth: Shutdown.exe

Amanda Ghost: Ghost Stories

Arch Enemy: War Eternal

Army of the Universe: 1999 and The Aftershow

Bat For Lashes: The Bride

The Birthday Massacre: Under Your Spell


Tracy Chapman: Greatest Hits

Cellmod: Graveyard of Empires

Claire Voyant: Claire Voyant

Collide: Color Of Nothing

Devauta Daun: Look

Ego Likeness: The Compass Eps

Frozen Plasma: Momentum

Glow: The Years

Guardians of the Galaxy 2: Awesome Mix Volume 2

Ghost Twin: Plastic Heart

Hexheart: Midnight On a Moonless Night

Hotel Costes: Hotel Costes 15

Hydrah: Siren EP

Inkubus Sukkubus: The Anthology

Kitten: Kitten

Lana Del Rey: Honeymoon

Moby: Hotel: Ambient

Night Club: Requiem for Romance

Purple Fog Side: The Discord

Robert Miles: 23 AMRupert Gregson-Williams: Wonder Woman soundtrack

Saint Etienne: Home Counties

Sixth June: Virgo Rising

White Zombie: La Sexorcisto: Devil Music Volume 1

Hydrah Playlist

My Current Favorite Songs

Gothic Rock/Darkwave Playlist

Morningstar in a Black Car: My Favorite Ashbury Heights Songs

Of Moondrop Tears: My Favorite Autumn Songs

Metamorphosis: My Favorite Delerium Songs

I Love the '90s

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