Sunday, June 25, 2017

Weekly Office Playlist

I can't believe how fast my three day weekend went. I think the fact that I was busy made the weekend go by quickly. Friday I went over to the mall to pick up the third and final lego set I needed for the Guardians of the Galaxy series Ayesha's Revenge which I put together last night, then had a Lynx game that night to attend to which was a lot of fun. Saturday I had a shit load of errands but I took a nap so I could go out at night with my camera and take some photos for pride weekend. And today I had the pride parade which was delayed by a protest against police presence at the parade so that dragged things on a bit. I was going to go over to Loring Park but by the time I got home, I just wasn't in the mood to go over there.

Back to a five day work week and it is the end of the month of course. Fortunately I got some new music on my Spotify and picked up the new album by The Birthday Massacre over the weekend. Having some new music always makes my work day more bearable.

Aengeldust: Agent Orange

Angels on Acid: Eye's Behind the Curtain

Angelzoom: Angelzoom

Arch Enemy: Khaos Legions

The Birthday Massacre: Under Your Spell

Bow Down Ever: The Product Of My Pain

Bow Ever Down: Risen

Cesium 137: Identity

Cesium 137: Science and Sound

Clan of Xymox: Days of Black

The Cranberries: Something Else

The Eden House: Half Life

The Eden House: Songs For the Broken Ones

The Eden House: Time Flows

Empathy Test: Bare My Soul

Empathy Test: By My Side

Empathy Test: Losing Touch

Fazerdaze: Fazerdaze EP

Fazerdaze: Morningside

Ghostfeeder: World Fameless

Hexheart: Midnight on a Moonless Night

Isgaard: Whiteout

Isgaard: Early Days

Lorde: Melodrama

Lords of Acid: Lust (special remastered version)

Marnie: Crystal World

PIG: Prey and Obey

Ruined Conflict: Triumphant

Softwave: Together Alone the remixes

Tashaki Miyaki: The Dream

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