Monday, June 12, 2017

Playlist of the Week

Last week I found out Nightwish is hitting the road in North America again to play some old and rare material. Unfortunately the show they are playing at in the Twin Cities at The Myth. That did not make me happy since I have never heard one good thing about the venue, that and I have no way to get there with no car and all. Today I booked a room for two nights in Chicago at the same hotel I stayed at this past spring because the rates were great. I decided to get a early morning flight to Chicago on the day of the concert, chill at the Art Institute before the concert, spend the following day at The Field Museum, and if I take the train home, go hit the Shedd Aquarium (because I am just a big old kid at heart). So in honor of the news of the upcoming Nightwish concert, this week's playlist is of Nightwish songs. I wish Spotify had the band's older albums prior to Once but I did what I could do with what there was available.

I am super excited to make another trek to Chicago to see Nightwish. I went to Chicago to see Nightwish in 2015 at the Concord Music Hall. Super glad I went to that show when the weather was nice and all I needed was my black leather jacket. When the band came to Minneapolis, it was in February when it was cold and there was snow on the ground. I will say this I am going to get to the venue like 2-3 hours in advanced if I want to get a decent view of the band. When I was at the Concord Music Hall, my view was not the greatest being short and all while being surrounded by tall people. I will say that one person was really kind enough to switch places with me which did help a bit.

I am fortunate to have seen Nightwish with Tarja, Anette, and now Floor. I feel so privileged to say that I have seen the band live with each of those singers. Honestly I think Floor is a much better fit than Anette was. Anette was okay but I think she was more suited as a solo artist (especially after hearing her excellent album Shine). I still remember after seeing Nightwish live with Tarja, I ended up being deaf in one ear for 36 hours because I stood in front of some speakers, had no earplugs, and in between bands, black metal was blasted through out the venue. It freaked me out but it did get me to start wearing earplugs to shows.

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