Wednesday, June 7, 2017

Ego Likeness with Stoneburner and Absynthe of Faith at Club Underground on 06.04.17

This past Sunday night I went over to Club Underground to see Ego Likeness, Stoneburner, and Absynthe Of Faith (put on by Kilted Farmer Koncerts of course). This was my third time I had seen Ego Likeness. Local band Absynthe of Faith opened up the show.

It had been awhile since I had last seen Absynthe perform live. Jarvis had taken over vocals so it was different yet good to hear him sing. He did a really excellent cover of David Bowie's "Space Oddity" which was how Absynthe of Faith ended their set with. AoF had done this cover a year before David Bowie's death for a local radio and its annual David Bowie tribute show.

Up next was Steven Archer's project Stoneburner which is really good. His music is a mix of tribal rhythms and electronic music. Really gnarly music. Stoneburner will be releasing a new album sometime this summer via Negative Gain. I definitely look forward to hearing that album.

Here is a sample of what Stoneburner's music sounds like. You can also find Stoneburner's music on Spotify.

The evening ended on a high note with the ever so wonderful sounds of Ego Likeness. I like interactive Donna and Steven are with their fans. Really cool folks and their music is freaking awesome.

I have been wanting to get my favorite Ego Likeness song recorded for my youtube channel. I finally did so on Sunday night with my smartphone. I just love the melodies for this song as well as Donna's vocals. I would not have guessed that Donna's voice was starting to go out (she mentioned during the show that she was starting to lose her voice). She sounded amazing as always. A very consumate and passionate performer she is as well as her husband.

Asides from the fact that the AC in Club Underground went out and it was hot as hell in there, I had a wonderful evening. Getting to chat with Donna is always a real treat. She is right up there withh Kristy Venrick of The Azoic, Jennifer Parkin of Ayria, and Nyxx on my list of favorite musicians I have had the joy of meeting and chatting with.

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