Thursday, June 29, 2017

My current favorite artists and bands

Snow tha Product I came across Snow Tha Product (aka Claudia A. Feliciano) last month on USA when the cable network ran the clip of "Run That" featuring the Latin hip hop rapper/singer for the show Queen of the South. I was hooked from the first listen. Hip hop music is hit or miss with me but Claudia really blew me away with her undeniable talents. I was really impressed by her rhymes and delivery. I love her mix of English and Spanish in her music as well. She does a fantastic job in the recently release of the music video for "Immigrants".

Bow Ever Down
I just rediscovered this excellent synthpop from Maine earlier this week. I forgot how good the band is when I started listening to their music on Spotify. They remind me so much of The Azoic another great band. Ironically also signed to Nilaihah Records, home for The Azoic. I don't know why but it wasn't until this week did I get to hear the band's second album The Product of My Pain. Fantastic album. You can listen to the album on Spotify. It is so damn good.

The Eden House
Right now the new album Songs For the Broken Ones by The Eden House is my favorite album. I have been listening to it on Spotify every day. I did order a CD copy last week because it is the right thing to do for this music fan.

Cesium 137
Here is another band I had put on the backburner for some time now and just now rediscovered their music. Thank heavens the band is working on new music. I always liked this band.

Ruined Conflict
I am really loving the new Ruined Conflict album Triumphant. Also have been listening to their other albums too which are just as good.

Empathy Test
If you haven't heard of the duo Empathy Test featuring Isaac Howlett and Adam Relf from London, you should get right on it and listen to their music. The duo recently released two new EPs and they are wonderful. I have been listening the hell out of them on Spotify.

With the PIG, Julien-K, Ghostfeeder show in two days, I have been listening the hell out of the band's music. Right now for me, PIG's music really resonates with me. This is the closest thing to the KMFDM sound I fell in love when I was in my 20s in the 1990s. Their new EP Prey and Obey is excellent especially the remixes. I absolutely love the Leaether Strip remix of "Prey and Obey". The sound is so brutal. If this is any indication what the next full-length PIG album sounds like, I can easily say I will be buying it.

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