Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Best of 2017 [so far]

It's June and the month is slowly coming to an end. Even more importantly the first half of 2017 is almost over. Tonight I thought I would post my favorite albums released this year so far.

If you haven't heard of Ruined Conflict before, you should now. They recently dropped their latest album Triumphant. It is so good. As a VNV Nation fan, I can not help but hear how similar the two acts sounds. Triumphant is the band's third album and they continue to get better with each release. Do check them out.

Absolutely love, love, love This Dream. As a fan of bands like My Bloody Valentine, Slowdive, Lush, and Belly, Tashaki Miyaki is right up there. Their music is super catchy but with lots of fuzzy, distorted guitars. "Out of My Head is easily my favorite song by the band cause of its super catchy pop hooks and singalong lyrics.

Borders is easily my favorite futurepop album I have heard so far this year. The music is so damn melodic. I am constantly listening to their song "Return" every damn day. I have yet to get sick of the song no matter how many times I listen to it. The rest of the album is fantastic. The wait was definitely worth it. I hope I do not have to wait for that same amount of time for new music by NamNamBulu.

The new album by The Eden House is so fucking good! I have been listening to the album for the past few days. I am waiting for pay day at the end of the week to buy a CD copy of the album. I absolutely love the numerous guest vocalists on the album.

Purple Fog Side is one of my new favorite bands I have discovered online in the past couple of years. I first discovered this band on a De/Vision tribute album I bought from SkyQode and really dug their brand of synthpop. Earlier this year they dropped The Dischord. I immediately loved the album. If you dig female fronted synthpop, you really can't go wrong with Purple Fog Side. They are so grossly underrated and overlooked.

I love the direction that Hydrah took on her new EP Siren with the use of stringed instruments.

Excellent soundtrack to an excellent movie. I never heard of Rupert Gregson- Williams but he does a fantastic job scoring the film.

If you have never heard of Sixth June before, please check out their album. I discovered them through either Bandcamp or Youtube. I forgot which site but either way I immediately was hooked on their music. Their new album came out earlier this year. I have to admit I have neglected it for awhile with all the stuff I listen to but I recently started listening to Virgo Rising. It did not take long to be reminded how good the album is and why it is one of the best releases of 2017. 

I can't believe it but I almost forgot to mention Under Your Spell. It has been awhile since I could listen to a TBM album and continually listen to it on a regular basis. Their last few albums after Walking With Strangers really didn't do much for me to be brutally honest. I would listen to them a few times and then move on. This is not the case with Under Your Spell. I found myself enjoying this album from start to finish. I have been listening to the album on a daily basis. 

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