Saturday, June 17, 2017

Albums and playlists I am currently listening to



I may have had a shit week as far my personal and work life goes but when it comes to music, this week has been great. Right now I am almost done listening to the new album Songs for the Broken Ones by The Eden House, a UK band compromising of Stephen Carey and Tony Pettitt (of  Fields of the Nephillim) and with a lot guest appearances on their albums like Monica Richards of Faith and the Fuse. For me, I have a tendency to gravitate more towards industrial and synthpop bands but it does not mean I do not enjoy some goth and darkwave music. After all one of my favorite bands (Autumn) is a goth band. When I get paid next week, I certainly plan on buying a CD copy of the new Songs for the Broken Ones.

This past week I rediscovered Cesium 137. I hadn't listened to their music in ages. Their album Intelligent Design was the first album I had heard from the band. I think I discovered them when I found the album at Cheapo Discs in the used cd bins. That was many, many, many moons ago. Great album. Definitely need to listen to the rest of their catalog and become familiar with their music again.

Really glad to have come across the latest album by Cellmod Graveyard of Empires. I have been enjoying the album a lot for the past couple of days. Damn shame I just found out about it. It certainly would have ended up on my annual best of list.

I feel guilty for neglecting the most recent album by Bat for Lashes The Bride. I was rearranging my cds to fit in my most recent albums and I saw The Bride buried underneath my other CDs. I brought the CD into work this week and listened to it a few times. I feel bad about letting it collect dust because the album is so good. I was quickly reminded why this album was one of my favorite albums of 2016.

Every time I listen to the new album Under the Spell by The Birthday Massacre, the more I love it.  I certainly plan on buying a copy one day. I hope The Electric Fetus will get copies of it (which they usually do with TBM music). 

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