Sunday, June 18, 2017

Weekly Office Playlist

And once again, the weekend has come to an end. These two days really do go by quickly but fortunately for me, I have requested this Friday off. Here is some of the music I plan on listening to this week.

Created a couple of new playlists this weekend. One consists of all of Cesium 137's music and the other playlist is another random mix. I really do enjoy creating these random mixes that sticks to no particular genre. 

Just discovered this new band called Fazerdaze. They remind me a little of Tashaki Miyaki and Lush. Very shoegazey music. Really liked what I heard on youtube. Fortunately found their music on spotify. 

I know I am beating a dead horse but I really do recommend checking out the new album by The Eden House if you are into the sounds of Autumn, Black Tape for Blue Girl, and Lycia. It is so bloody damn good.


Anemonia: Moonlit Numina


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