Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Earworm of the week

I have been a long time Delerium fan for well over a decade. A former roommate of mine from my days in Milwaukee, WI introduced me to the electronic band with their albums Semantic Spaces and Karma. At one point, I did have quite a few of their albums from their Cleopatra records day when their sound was in the darkwave/ambient vein and without vocals. My personal favorite Delerium is Poem. It is a good mix of ambient, electronica, and pop music. This week I have been listening to Poem quite a bit. My favorite track hands down from the album is the gorgeous ballad "A Poem for Byzantium" featuring vocalist Joanna Stevens who briefly sang in the downtempo duo Solar Twins back in the late '90s.  As old as this song is, I still can listen to it and not get tired of it. The song still sounds as new as it did the first time I heard the song in 2000.

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