Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Album of the week

For the past 2-3 days, I have been listening a lot to the new album Songs For the Broken Ones by The Eden House. It has consumed my time and my ears. I am waiting for Friday to get paid so I can order an actual copy of the album. I love the various guest vocalists on the album like Monica Richards who sings on my personal favorite track "12th Night", Louise Crane, Kelli Dayton (of Sneaker Pimps fame), Lee Douglas, and Meghan Noel-Pettit. Every time I listen to the album I immediately think of the sounds of Cocteau Twins, Lycia, The Sundays, and Black Tape for Blue Girl with the swirling guitar riffs and ethereal vocals. The production quality of the album is excellent. This is simply a beautiful album. It is an album I can listen to both at work and at home. Certainly one of my favorite releases of 2017.

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