Tuesday, June 12, 2018

Album of the Week

After last Saturday's show at the Red Sea (great little venue IMO) with Adoration Destroyed, Xentrifuge, FIRES, and Souless Affection, I have been listening a lot to the FIRES album Red Goes Grey. I really dug FIRES set (I hope to get the video I recorded that night uploaded before the weekend) so I have been listening to Red Goes Grey every day. I really didn't know much about FIRES until the show Adoration Destroyed show was announced. I do regret not listening more to the album prior to the show but I am definitely making up for lost time. The music is a mix of dark electro with a hint of synthwave (which you can hear in the song "Words and Silence"). Lots of great hooks and beats. The entire album is great. I am hoping to catch FIRES live again later this summer when Eric tours with Panic Lift but I have wait and see with my $$$ situation because my next month's association fee is going be pricey due to some maintenance work I had done in my bathroom.

Where to buy FIRE's music: https://firesnashville.bandcamp.com/

Here is a brief clip from FIRES' set this past Saturday.I almost forgot about it.

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