Sunday, June 24, 2018

Weekly office playlist

Believe it or not I am actually ready for another work week. I have been in a pretty sour mood since yesterday afternoon. That is what happens when one has suffered a loss in the family especially a parent, it is one giant roller coaster of a ride with the frequent mood swings. Fortunately I am now at a point which I can listen to all music. For a long time I couldn't listen to some music like Assemblage 23 and VNV Nation.

Anyhoo...I updated all four of my random mix playlists with tracks from some of the new releases that came out last week. I felt like they needed to be updated with some more current tracks. 

I have been really digging the new albums by Aiboforcen and Helalyn Flowers all weekend long. At some point I definitely need a physical copy of Sense and Nonsense by Aiboforcen. The new De/Vision album is starting to grow on me but my issue with De/Vision's music is that it tends to sound the same. I hope to check out the new NIN albums this week.

Got a lot of post-punk albums on this week's playlist. I am really digging the sounds by VV and The Void, Saigon Blue Rain, Holygram, and Box and The Twins. 

The Agnes Circle: Some Vague Desire

Aiboforcen: Sense and Nonsense (Deluxe edition)

Assemblage 23: Endure (Deluxe edition)

Ayria: Flicker

The Birthday Massacre: Under Your Spell

Blume: Ashes

Box and The Twins: Everywhere I Go is Silence

Box and The Twins: Our Fears

Chvrches: Love is Dead

Cinderella Effect: Cinderellicious

Cindy Wilson: Change

Curve: Cuckoo

Cylab: Cut and Coil

Death Bells: Standing At the Edge of the World

Depeche Mode: Black Celebration

Depeche Mode: Ultra

Double Echo: Period Rooms

Faithless: Faithless 2.0

FIRES: Red Goes Grey

Geometric Vision: Fire! Fire! Fire!

Hante: Between Hope and Danger

Helalyn Flowers: Nyctophilia (deluxe edition)

Holygram: Holygram - remixed

In Death It Ends: Forgotten Knowledge

I:Scintilla: Optics

Juno Reactor: The Mutant Theatre

Laura Carbone: Empty Sea

Mari Kattman: Stay Up

Mercury's Antennae: The Moon Viewing Garden

Nine Inch Nails: Bad Witch

PIG: Risen

Principe Valiente: Principe Valiente

Saigon Blue Rain: What I Don't See

Shiny Darkly: Little Earth

Unity One: Awakening

VV And the Void: The Upper Room

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