Friday, June 1, 2018

My current favorite songs of the week

I am posting this week's playlist of my current favorite songs early because I have a Lynx game to attend as a season ticket holder. I decided it would be better to  post it sooner than later. I got a good mix of older and more recent songs.

I really want to say I like the new Midnattsol album but unfortunately I thought the album was anything but compelling. There are some solid tracks on the album, one of the being "Vem kan segla". With Liv Kristine on board, I was hoping for something special but I was left unimpressed. Another album I have not been impressed with that recently came out is the new M.I.N.E. I like the song "The One" but after that track, the songs went down hill for me.

With two weeks to go before Autumn's album release party on 6/16 (which is now at the Red Sea over in the Cedar Riverside neighborhood, here is a link to the event CD release party), I have been listening a lot to The Hating Tree and Chandelier quite a bit this week. The two albums are like night and day. The Hating Tree is a lot darker without a shadow of a doubt, and Chandelier is more upbeat with a dash of melancholy. I had not listened to The Hating Tree since Chandelier came out at the end of March, still adore the album despite my neglect of my favorite album of all time. Still sounds great after a lengthy break. I can hardly wait to see the band live again later this month.

Still loving the new Chvrches album Love is Dead. Right now my favorite song is "Really Gone". It is a gorgeous ballad. I love that the band toned it down for a bit on this album with this track. I hope they play this track when I see them live at the Palace in October.

Over the three day weekend, I watched L7's Pretend We're Dead documentary on Amazon Prime. It is is really good. I recommend watching it for anyone who has Amazon Prime. It was interesting to learn what lead Jennifer Finch to leave the bad and eventually the band disbanding. Their song "Dispatch From Mar-a-Lago" has really grown on me quite a bit especially after seeing the band perform the song live in April.

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