Tuesday, March 20, 2018

Album of the week

For awhile I was thinking of writing about Nightwish's Decades compilation for my Album of the Week pick but I thought it would be redundant after posting a playlist of their music on last night's blog entry. I decided to go with the self-titled album by Cigarettes After Sex (a Brooklyn based band) which I had bought over the past weekend. I found the band's music through Spotify because I have been on a major dreampop/shoegaze kick lately, a few weeks ago and have been listening to their music since then. I eventually bought my own copy of the album. The music is very chill and relaxing, ideal to unwind to after a long day at the office.  I will even listen to it at work when I am in the rare mood for music that is more subdued and not so bombastic. The album goes nicely after listening to Cindy Wilson's equally wonderful Change. I wish I had heard this album sooner, like last year so I could have included it on my best of 2017 but better to have heard it now than never. Every single song on Cigarettes After Sex sounds like they would have been perfect for the Lost in Translation soundtrack or even Garden State soundtrack with their quiet, introspective indie rock sound. If you are looking for new music, go check out Cigarettes After Music.

Tracks to check out:
"Opera House"

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