Monday, March 12, 2018

Playlist of the week

While at work and while listening to the Nightwish compilation Decades, I decided to quickly throw together a playlist featuring some of my favorite songs Anette Olzon has done with Nightwish, her much underrated solo album Shine, and the debut album with her new band The Dark Element. Looking back, I think my opinion of Anette's work with Nightwish was a bit harsh. She did some solid work on the two albums she did with the band. I absolutely loved her solo album Shine but from what I have read online, it did not sell very well. Damn shame. That album had some great tunes. I really learned to appreciate Anette as a singer. I believe Nightwish just wasn't meant to me but I do love her on "Amaranth" and "Storytime", my two favorite songs she did with Nightwish. I do strongly believe that she has found the right musicians to work with at the moment. Her band The Dark Element put out a really great self-titled debut album last year.

Songs to check out:
"Floating" - Anette Olzon
"Storytime" - Nightwish
"Amaranth" - Nightwish
"Here's to You" - The Dark Element

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