Sunday, March 4, 2018

Weekly office playlist

Once again, the weekend has come and gone within two shakes of a lamb's tail. Here is this week's collection of music I am going to try to listen to while at the office.

Anders Manga: Perfectly Stranger

Arandu Arakuaa: Ko Yby Ore

Azure Ray: Hold On Love

Benny Andersson Band: Story of a Heart

Black Nail Cabaret: Emerald City

Brandi Carlile: The Firewatcher's Daughter


BT: Electronic Opus

Catherine Wheel: Chrome

Chelsea Wolfe: Abyss

Cigarettes After Sex: Cigarettes After Sex

Cindergarden: The Clandestine Experiment

Cocteau Twins: Victorialand

Covenant: Skyshaper

Diary of Dreams: Freak Perfume

Diary of Dreams: Birds Without Wings

Elysian Fields: Bleed Your Cedar

Faithless: Outrospective

The Fauns: The Fauns

The Fauns: Lights

Frozen Autumn: The Fellow Traveller

Ginger Snap5: Against the Days

Golden Gardens: Narcissus and Bellflower

The Horrors: V

Juno Reactor: The Golden Sun of the Great East

Ladytron: 604

Ladytron: Light and Magic

Liquid Divine: Interface

Mari Kattman: Hover

Mephisto Walz: The Eternal Deep


The Stargazer Lilies: We Are the Dreamers

Steps: Tears On the Dancefloor (Deluxe Edition)

Trance to the Sun: All the Covers (1995-2001)

Venus Hum: The Colors in the Wheel

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